Laser Hair Removal FAQ

  • How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
    Laser hair removal treatments work by targeting hair follicles through pulses of energy that pass through the skin’s surface and into the inner dermal layer. The laser destroys hair follicles at the root, in a matter of minutes with minimal (if any) discomfort. Once the laser destroys the hair follicle at its root, it will take far longer to growth back than if you were to use more conventional hair removal techniques such as shaving or waxing.
  • How Does Laser Hair Removal Compare to Other Forms of Hair Removal?
    Laser hair removal is by the far the most effective form of hair removal available today. Unlike more conventional forms of hair removal, like waxing, shaving, or electrolysis – laser hair removal allows patients to remove more hair from a larger area, faster and with less associated pain or side effects. In addition, laser hair removal allows patients to remain hair-free for much longer – regrowth is much faster with shaving and waxing. And while more conventional methods may be cheaper per session, laser hair removal’s effectiveness and long-lasting nature, means patients will save tons of money in the long run or even a few months!
  • Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
    At New Touch Laser Spa, we use the highest-quality and most versatile Cynosure Elite+ lasers. Using these unique high-end lasers, we are able to perform laser treatments on a wide variety of patients – with every skin type, tone, and texture! In years past laser hair removal was exclusive to those with dark hair on light skin, however, at New Touch Laser are laser hair removal is just as effective on those with darker skin tones. For some patients, with overly sensitive skin, certain dermatological issues, sunburns, or other health concerns, laser hair removal may not be advised – be sure to make out staff aware of any health concerns you might suffer from PRIOR to your treatment.
  • How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take?
    Depending upon the size and shape of the treatment area, as well as the thickness of your hair and sensitivity of your skin – laser hair removal sessions can vary in time. For the most part, small areas like the upper lip can be done in a minute or two, while larger areas like the full legs or the back can take up to an hour.
  • Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?
    When compared to other forms of hair removal like waxing or shaving, laser hair removal is relatively painless. However, on more sensitive areas like the face, underarms, the lower back, and the bikini area, patients will feel some minor discomfort and a slight pinching feeling. In some circumstances patients may request the use of numbing creams.
  • What Areas of the Body Does Laser Hair Removal Work On?
    Laser hair removal can be done on pretty much the entire body. The most common areas, regardless of gender are, the face, arms, underarms, legs, the bikini area, the back, chest, neck, hands, and even the feet. If you have any questions regarding a specific area feel free to contact our office.
  • What Are the Rules for After You Get Laser Hair Removal Done?
    Because of the effectiveness of laser hair removal, it is important to follow certain general guidelines after each session. This will help reduce any possible side effects, as your skin will be fairly sensitive following each treatment.

    • Avoid direct sunlight or overexposure to UV rays on or near the treatment area.
    • Avoid certain topical creams, ointments, and lotions that may cause peeling to the skin or react poorly with your sensitive skin.
    • Avoid overly tight, abrasive clothing on or around the treatment area.
    • Make our staff aware of any medication (prescription or OTC) you might be taking at the time of your treatment.
    • In the event you see any redness or swelling following a session, apply a cold compress or pad to reduce any possible discomfort.
    • Follow any specific rules or guidelines provided by our staff.
  • Are There Any Side Effects or Downtime Associated with Laser Hair Removal?
    One of the main benefits of modern laser hair removal at New Touch Laser Spa, is that patients will experience little to no side effects or downtime! However, depending upon the treatment area and the sensitivity of the skin, some patients may experience some minor swelling or redness but this will disappear within a day or so. Patients can also resume their daily activities immediately following the procedure.
  • Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? How Long Do Results Last?
    Laser hair removal is known as a semi-permanent form of hair removal – lasting far longer than conventional methods like, waxing or shaving. Most patients will remain hair-free for several months, to even over a year. After each successive treatment, the hair will come back finer and thinner, as well as lasting longer and longer. In many instances after repeated maintenance sessions, some patients can experience permanent hair removal.
  • How Often Can You Repeat Laser Hair Removal Sessions?
    Generally, patients are advised to repeat laser hair removal every few months in order to maintain their hair-free appearance. And while regrowth varies from patient to patient, laser hair removal can be repeated every 4-6 weeks if needed.