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Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid sun exposure and do not use UV tanning beds at all for two weeks before treatment. The area should be shaved within 24 hours and the skin has to be completely clean, without lotions, oils, creams or fragrances of any kind before coming in. 

Do not use self-tanner or spray tan products for at least 2 weeks before your treatment. 

Yes, the modern Lasers have special settings to be safe and effective for darker skin tones.

In some rare cases it can happen due to hormonal fluctuations. In case it does happen touch ups are available. 

The good news is that most people start seeing difference after 1-2 treatments. The amount of treatments to fully eliminate unwanted hair varies. It’s more cost effective to purchase laser treatments in packages. You may need up to 12 treatments to completely eliminate hair growth. After that, the need for touchups is minimal.