My genetics are terrible when it comes to hair growth. As I hit my late 20’s and early 30’s I began to notice light hair growth on my chin, my upper lip, and even some on my chest! Needless to say this devastated me and waxing is taking its toll on my skin and has me in so much pain. Thankfully I was introduced to New Touch Laser spa and decided to give laser hair removal a try. After my first session my chin and upper lip are completely clear! I then was able to get my legs, arms, and underarms done and they look and feel just as good. The best part is that its been over a month and I have yet to see any amount of regrowth yet!
Lisa D.
I tried to get laser hair removal done a few years ago at my dermatologist office, but was told, because of my darker skin it wouldn’t be as effective, and it just wasn’t for me. I never gave it another thought until a friend (with even darker skin!) told me she gets her legs done at New Touch Laser Spa. I decided to give them a call and get some info. During my consultation I was really impressed with the staff and their lasers that work just as good on any skin type! Needless to say, my legs are smoother than ever! And they’ve got a client for life in me!
Gina C.
I never thought I’d try laser hair removal, but the older I get the more out of control my body hair seems to be. My wife is constantly bugging me to do something about it, my chest hair seems to get thicker and thicker. And once I hit my 40’s I started growing hair in places I’ve never thought would ever happen before – my ears, my neck, and even my hands and fingertips. My wife ended up finding me the number to New Touch Laser Spa, and I was really hesitant initially. I had heard of laser hair removal in the past, but I really thought it wouldn’t do much for my course, thick body hair – as I had mostly seen women getting it done. But boy was I surprised, my chest feels way better, I’m no longer itchy all the time, and they were even able to get the hairs on my neck and in smaller spots on my ears. My wife is happy with the results, she even booked herself an appointment right after mine next month!
Frank B.
I’ve had skincare problems all my life. From psoriasis to allergic reactions and constant inflammation, my skin is super sensitive. It has caused me to make a million little concessions in my life. And when it comes to hair removal I’ve been resigned to plucking out individual hairs, since shaving or waxing are too much for my skin. Until a friend of mine had recommended I call New Touch Laser Spa, as they are experts in dealing with sensitive skin. During my consult I was completely blown away, they use some of the best lasers in the business, and their staff is well versed in dealing with skincare issues like mine. As scared as I was, I went through with my first session and to my surprise 0 redness, 0 swelling, and my legs look absolutely great!! And I really loved my esthetician, she was so sweet and understanding of all my skin problems.
Tia H.
I have been going to New Touch for the last few months and I must say I am really happy with their service. As a college swimmer, I have to pretty much be hairless year-round and throughout high school and my first year in college I was doing just fine with my razor and shaving cream. But after a few years my hair started to come back faster and faster, and I would run into nasty cuts, and even a minor infection! Plus it felt like every second I wasn’t in the pool, my chest was constantly itchy. I googled around for a solution and came across New Touch Laser and booked an appointment right away. I don’t know why I never considered this before, but laser hair removal at New Touch has been a lifesaver. I only have to go in every 6-8 weeks and barely get much regrowth. This has saved me so much time and more importantly, the embarrassment of scratching myself in every class I attend lol. Thanks New Touch, definitely recommended.
Thomas P.
Love New Touch laser Spa! My legs, arms, and underarms are smooth 24/7 thanks to them. The staff is lovely, and their prices are unbeatable! I know they’re relatively new to NYC but I haven’t seen laser hair removal prices anywhere near these guys and they don’t sacrifice on quality whatsoever, they do an amazing job. My mom, my sister, and I are all huge fans of New Touch!
Taylor V.