At New Touch Laser Spa, our premiere laser of choice is the Cynosure Elite+. The Cynosure Elite+ is one of the newest and most revolutionary lasers in existence. The Elite+ operates using a dual-wavelength system, that allows patients the highest quality treatments available for a number of different applications, including:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Vascular Skin Treatments & Vein Removal
  • Lesion Removal
  • Hyperpigmentation Treatment
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • And Much More!

All Types of Skin!
The Cynosure Elite+ works using two different wavelengths: 755nm and 1064nm. The use of multiple wavelengths allows us to efficiently and effectively treat all different types of skin, no matter how light or how dark your complexion might be! While other lasers simply prove ineffective when dealing with dark or heavily pigmented skin.
The customizability is unparalleled, allowing us to treat a wide variety of patients, with a number of different issues.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Works on all skin types, including darker skin.
  • Seamlessly change between wavelengths in order to deal with different skin issues.
  • Provides in-session air cooling to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction.

Benefits of the Cynosure Elite+
At New Touch Laser Spa, we use only the highest quality lasers available in today’s market. The Cynosure Elite+ is one of most revolutionary new lasers around. Its unmatched versatility and effectiveness have made it our weapon of choice when it comes to combatting unsightly, unwanted hair!

Unlike traditional means of hair removal like waxing or shaving, over the course of a few sessions, the Cynosure Elite+ can provide clients with permanent removal of unwanted hair! Here are some of the most common benefits of the Cynosure Elite+.

  • Long-Lasting Results – Offering less regrowth, the Cynosure Elite+ targets hair follicles at the root! Results can be permanent within only a few sessions.
  • Versatility of Dual Wavelengths – Operating on multiple wavelengths allows the laser to work on all skin tones, types, and textures! In the past laser hair removal wouldn’t work on those with darker or more sensitive skin – thanks to the dual wavelength, the Cynosure Elite+ is just as effective for all!
  • Larger ‘Spot Sizes’ – The Cynosure Elite+ treats a much larger area than any lasers before it, meaning clients can get more hair removal done in every session. This accounts for faster, more efficient sessions, and fewer sessions needed overall!
  • Cool Comfort – This laser comes equipped with an in-treatment cold-air cooling system, that helps to cool the skin as it removes hair. Provides patients with an unmatched level of constant comfort!
  • Fewer Side Effects & Downtime – With most traditional methods of hair removal and even other lasers, patients will often complain of pain, discomfort, and overly irritated skin, that may even require some time for recovery. However, with the Cynosure Elite+ Laser patients will have a calm, comfortable experience – free of the nasty side effects or downtime!